Question by  smcr62402 (16)

How do you take care of baby rabbits?


Answer by  bizgrad02 (103)

Use a cage that will allow them to move around. Fill a bottle with water that will attach to the side of the cage. Feed them carrot tops (greens).


Answer by  Mollichella (445)

Keep them in a place that is anywhere between 68 and 72 degrees. Also remember they only need to be fed once a day.


Answer by  rabbitlover (99)

If you can, keep them with their mother until they are four weeks old. Otherwise, get kitten milk replacer and use an eyedropper or special small animal baby bottle to feed them. Keep them warm and give them something soft to snuggle in. Good luck.


Answer by  ofnik (409)

The best way to take care of them is to let the mother take care of them, make sure she has plenty of food and clean water. Better for her to have a big closed nesting box.

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