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Question by  LittleBAK (26)

How do you take care of a guinea pig?

My daughter wants one but I'll end up taking care of it.


Answer by  pets (14)

Guinea pigs are easy to care for. Keep them in a large aquarium with a woodchip bedding. Make sure they have a water bottle and alfalfa pellets for food. Give them a small refuge to hide in and be sure to clean the tank regularly of waste matter.


Answer by  keepsmiling (648)

Change out the bedding at least once a week. Provide fresh water in the bottle and pellets and fresh greens in bowl. Provide toys to chew on and give attention.


Answer by  momtomany (74)

A guinea pig's cage must be cleaned and have litter replaced at least 4 times per week, sometimes daily. Their food and water must be kept full at all times.


Answer by  sharonl (250)

You need at least 2 of the same sex since they are herd animals. They need a big cage with a deep base and a wire top part for air flow. They need pellets with vitamin C and lots of hay to eat as well as fruits and vegetables.

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