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Question by  crabfoot (253)

How do you stay strong?

I am facing some very negatives circumstances.


Answer by  punkchick792 (18)

Standing strong takes commitment. No matter what trials you may face in life it is best to remember that although things may seem bad, they make you stronger in the end. Constantly remind yourself that you will make it through it all. Positive thinking goes a long way.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

Coming from someone who tried to kill themselves, I know what you are going through. No matter how bad the situation, there is still that chance that with effort and time you can turn everything around. Support from loved ones also helps. Also, finding someone or something to fight for can help you see that not all is lost.


Answer by  Ella22 (610)

You need to get enough sleep daily. Drink plenty of water and make sure that you are taking in nutrient dense food. Remind yourself that you are in control.

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