Question by  boo (14)

Are orangutans stronger than silver back gorillas?

I need to know who is stronger, orangutans or silver back gorillas.


Answer by  Gregor (36)

Judging by muscle power, gorillas, especially male gorillas are stronger than orangutans. They are not only bigger, but also have bigger and more dangerous teeth also. But since neither of these apes likes to fight (the gorillas are even vegetarians!), nor do they share the same habitat, it is hard to decide who will win if they fight.


Answer by  Thena (145)

Orangutans are not stronger then silver back gorillas. Gorillas are undoubtedly the stronger of the two, however orangutans are uncommonly clever and have the ability to use tools.


Answer by  NurseB (513)

Orangutans have longer arms but, weigh less than a gorilla. If the two were in a fight my money would be on the gorilla.


Answer by  Anonymous

I would think that the Gorilla is stronger but is shorter than a Orangutan. and a gorilla is probely more vishus but if they were in a race orangutan would deffinitly win

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