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Question by  loslosbaby (33)

How do you reset a Dell Demension 3100 bios?

I need to rest my Dell Demension.


Answer by  Kokroach (47)

Go to Dell's website and download a recent bios version for your model. These files come with own application that allows you to clear memory storing old bios and installs a new one, then restart your machine. BEWARE: installing wrong bios version may result in computer not starting properly!!


Answer by  jeffw (173)

You will need to open the case on your computer. Consult your owners manual or look it up on the manufacturers website to find the reset bios jumper setting. Pull the shunt from the normal run position and place it in the reset position.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

It is hard to reset a BIOS of a computer, but it can be updated using the internet which will help to remove any mistakes.


Answer by  ardabilgic (4)

You should remove the battery inside the computer and wait 1 minute and then after you reinsert the battery to computer.This restart the bios.İf is not work you shoul research the all password for dell demension 3100 for bios.These are the way ıt must be clearly restart the bios and giving new pass.


Answer by  baggs73 (67)

your dell computer should have came with a reboot disk and all you have to do is put the disk in and follow instructions if you didnt get one you can order them online

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