Question by  thekingoffling (58)

How do you replace an HP sound card?

The sound card on my HP has gone bad.


Answer by  nickl2000 (540)

It depends on how it's made. If it's a card, you open up your computer, take the old one out and put the new one in. Then install the drivers


Answer by  BrokenWits (382)

You will want to uninstall the drivers from the first card, and then physically remove the card (if it's integrated into the motherboard). After that, you'll need to install the drivers to the new card, and then physically install the new card.


Answer by  Phil28 (379)

For a desktop computer just get a new soundcard and pop it in. If the old one is not onboard take it out. For Laptop computers you could get a soundcard connected by usb. That works for desktops too and there are models available for every budget starting around 20$.


Answer by  pradonog (117)

Open your computer case, search for your sound card, usually it can be found sitting at one of your slot at the back of your motherboard. Release the screw that hold the card, pull gently. prepare the new sound card, install it by pressing firmly but gently at the slot

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