Question by  Hatheeb (14)

How do you replace a light pull switch?

I need basic instructions for someone who does not understand electricity.


Answer by  sneezy10 (151)

To replace the light pull strip, first cut power to the light. Then, remove the screws on the fixture and then, replace the chain that is the pull switch. These chains can be found in most hardware stores as well. Then, replace the cover, and add a new light bulb.


Answer by  Scott45 (34)

Remove the hollow nut where the string comes out by unscrewing it. Switch should come out from inside the light. Disconnect wiring or cut it. Wire new switch matching wires


Answer by  fancbiz (952)

Remove the cover by anticlockwise rotation and then remove the screws which hold it on to the wall. Then unscrew the points holding the wire marking where each of them is placed. Place the new one from the wires to the cover.

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