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Question by  Pennfield (25)

How do you repair a 93 Ford steering column?

Will I need to replace the entire column or can I just repair the area that is giving me problems?


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

Most mechanical experts would consider this a semi-difficult endeavor, it's best to consult either a licensed auto-mechanic or contact your dealership before making these level of repairs.


Answer by  laura27 (1216)

A semi-difficult endeavor. If don't know how to do work, I suggest getting a licensed auto mechanic or a dealership before consider making these kind of repairs. Take off top and bottom covers. With the on position, press release pin and remove lock. Disconnect shift indicator string before dropping column. Remove 6 gold colored screws. accompanying brackets. Unconnect shift cable.


Answer by  kristina47 (4)

Remove the top and bottom column covers. In the "On" position,then press the release pin and remove the lock. Disconnect the shift indicator string before you drop the column .See for the 6 gold colored - Remove those 6 screws and the accompanying brackets, disconnect the shift cable .


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well typically columns have removable parts that can be replaced. If you had said what was wrong with it I could tell you whether it could be replaced or not.

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