Question by  theguru (18)

How do you remove adhesive from a mirror?

I have adhesive on my mirror that needs to be removed.


Answer by  smith79 (129)

I reccommend the use of a product called Goo Gone... it is inexpensive and available at any home hardware store or Walmart. I have used it in the past to remove ashesive off a variety of surfacs and it should not do any damage to the mirror. You'll find it's a great product to have around.


Answer by  HelpfulMal (539)

I use a product called "Goo-gone" to take sticky stuff off of just about any surface. If you can't find it in your area, ask at your local hardware store.


Answer by  Phyllis843 (141)

Hairspray will remove it. Just saturate the adhesive, and then scrub it with a rough cloth. Repeat until the adhesive comes loose, then was the hairspray off the mirror with glass cleaner.


Answer by  ktow70 (305)

try mineral spirit or paint remover if that does not work put a rag over the adhesive and a iron over rag will transfer adhesive from mirror to rag

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