Question by  Amanda82 (27)

How do you add white molding to a mirror?

I need to add white molding to a mirror.


Answer by  Jerry35 (56)

Cut shims that are the depth of the mirror and attach to the wall surrounding the mirror. Cut molding on 45 degree miters the length and height of the mirror. Fasten by nailing or screwing into the wall shims so as not to shatter the glass. Fill nail holes with putty and paint white.


Answer by  mark66 (21)

The material list is a tape measure, compound miter saw, nails, wood filler and white painters caulk. First, measure the mirror's size then cut the trim to fit the outside diameter of the mirror. Second, cut each trim piece at a 45 degree to fit the mirror. Fill holes.


Answer by  Tileguy1 (21)

Cut the molding with a mite saw and build a pictre frame. The mirror can then be secured to the back of the frame with glue or other fasteners.

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