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Question by  x (96)

How should I go about removing a mirror that is glued to the wall?


Answer by  Telly (28)

The use of glue as a fastening technique is controversial for many reasons, the most notable of these is that it has a strange permanence about it that other methods, such as hanging by tack or nail, do not. Therefore glue should be treated with respect for its unique permanent quality and, in fact, NOT removed for any reason.


Answer by  Richard88 (391)

First determine the wall material. If mirror is glued to drywall, then your best bet is to cut it out of the wall, which will leave a hole, of course. Then place a new piece of drywall in the hole, fill the seam with patch, and repaint. If the wall is wood, use a solvent for the glue.


Answer by  Kerry (18)

Generally the glues are heat sensitive and loosen up when heated. Use a heat gun or high power hair dryer to heat up the mirror. Be sure to hold on it as it comes away from the wall. Once removed, apply the heat source to the glue on the wall and scrape with a putty knife.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Tape the mirror crossways with duct tape, this will prevent the mirror from shattering. Next take a crowbar and loosen the mirror from the wall. It might break in sections and this is how you should remove it. Lay the sections down carefully on the floor. You might take some of the drywall down also, but that can be fixed.


Answer by  DouglasEarlClore (1236)

Try appying hot water or using a hair dryer to heat the area. Heat will often melt glue so that the mirror can be removed. Once the glue is soft, use a wide blade putty knife to insert between the mirror and the wall. It may be easier to cut completely through the drywall and then patch the drywall hole.


Answer by  Anonymous

I did just that recently. A large mirror above the bathroom sink needed replacement. I gently pried it away with the help of a 4 inch putty knife, on all four sides. Eventually the glue give in. Do it slowly and carefully, so you do not damage the wall.

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