Question by  gigi (14)

How do you care for a bambooo house plant?

I purchased a bamboo house plant in Florida and need tips on caring for it.


Answer by  SallyJ (1010)

Bamboo house plants need sufficient moisture, well-drained soil, adequate light and proper fertilizer. They are not hard to grow as long as you take care of them.


Answer by  1990david (414)

Bamboo plants are easy to take care of. They need at least 5 hours of sun and they need to be watered daily and fertalized every week.


Answer by  ezmonster (12)

Bamboo plants are low-maintenace plants. Water them frequently with filtered water, rain water or soiled water (e.g., form a fish tank) so that the roots always remain submerged. Change the water weekly, and provide it a supplement of aquarium fish food monthly. Provide the pant with indirect light of moderate intensity to avoid it from drying out.


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

Change the water of the vase if roots are suspended in water. Rather than direct sunlight, daily glare from a well-lit room is sufficient to keep this plant healthy. Monitor the leaves. If they turn yellow, change the water and expose to more direct sunlight. These plants are not adverse to wind so its OK to place in patio.

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