Question by  Angela (36)

How can I prevent mildew from forming on the pebbles in my plant pot?

I have a lucky bamboo plant that's potted in little rocks, but mildew keeps forming on the pebbles. What can I do to prevent that?


Answer by  worker8739 (555)

Remove the bamboo plant and wash the container with a diluted mix of water and vinegar, rinse well and refill using distilled water.


Answer by  terry82 (191)

The "mildew" is probably moss. It's caused because the rocks are usually damp. The easiest way to control to take them off and rise them from time to time.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

If your plant is getting too wet, and not having time between waterings to dry out, you will get that awful mildew. Remove periodically and dry.


Answer by  mcmario2007 (786)

The mildew grows because the pebbles are humid and not kept clean the best way is to use a paint to paint the pebbles.

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