Question by  punartham555 (20)

If my husband is a Jehovah witness and I am not can we still have a good relationship?

I am concerned that our differences in religion will affect our relationship?


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You can still have a great relationship. If you try to understand his religion and he tries to understand yours it can be a great relationship. If you have kids you can teach them about both religions and celebrate things about both of them. The kids can then choose which one when they're older.


Answer by  JaggedZero (62)

Of course you can still have a good relationship. As long as both parties are respectful and understanding of each other it could work. If he's comfortable with you and your religious beliefs, and you're comfortable with his, that's all that matters. Just remember that love has no religion. Good luck.


Answer by  Anonymous

It will affect your relationship for sure, but it might work so long as you don't have children. A JW will not settle for less than raising the children as JWs...


Answer by  Anonymous

No. Jehovah Witness is not a proper Christian church.

posted by Anonymous
#The answer of no it is not a proper church, is an idiot don,t listen to that. I am sure you have seen proof of the opposite!  add a comment

Answer by  Rose (6804)

There is no reason why your relationship can not be strong and suvive the differences. You should maintain an open communication with him and make sure you do not fight

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