Question by  makaveli1671 (80)

How do I use Photoshop Elements 6 for blurring background?

I can't find clear instructions for blurring in Photoshop.


Answer by  anthonyj (20)

Create 2 duplicates of your background layer: named Blurred and Focus (Focus will be on top) Use the Gaussian Blur Filter on layer Blurred Use the eraser tool to erase the parts of the layer you want blurred.


Answer by  worker8857 (12)

In photoshop goto the filter in the toolbar and then choose the blur option. In order to blur the image, select the part of the image and then choose different blur options.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

The blur option is available in the filter tab and named as blur. There you get different blur stlyes like blur, more blur etc.


Answer by  fiddlefaddle (883)

Make use of layers. Using the lasso tool, select parts of the image you don't want blurred then put that on its own layer. Make sure that layer is on top. Then select the previous layer and use a blur filter.


Answer by  helma (34)

I have few photos with a blurred background. I took those photos in my college days its precious for me. I asked my friend about this blurred and she suggest Photoshop element 6, but we don't know how to use it. Can any one help me


Answer by  worker8852 (129)

As eeyoire said do ithis way or just select the subject using the polygonal tool then invert the selection to select thebackgound feather by about 5-10 tosoften edges and get rid of any halo effect then use gaussion blur tocreate the amount of background blur and save as tokeep theoriginal.

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