Question by  CaseyThomas (34)

How do you do spot color in photoshop?

I need to do a spot color pattern in photoshop.


Answer by  worker51 (112)

1. Choose Window > Channels to display the Channels palette. 2. To fill a selected area with a spot color, make or load a selection. Now do one of the following to create a channel: * Ctrl-click (Mac OS: Command-click) the New Channel button in the Channels palette.


Answer by  sweetheart (10)

I need to do a spot color pattern in photoshop. Photoshope uses a spot channel ton fifine an area to be printed in a specific spot colour. Spot channels are only used for print output; each spot colour used requires its own printing plate. To add aspot channel inphotoshop,follow these steps.


Answer by  worker63 (55)

To spot the color you have to select the layer and make it active. In the tool box you have to select the icon which looks like a ink filler. Clicking on the image the spot color will change the fore color option in the palette


Answer by  vijayparttimejob (2254)

File-> open -> select image-> click open. select "Window" and "Channels. ". Select item. Choose color on the "New Spot Channel". Locate desired color and click. "New Spot Channel" will appear. Select an ink solidity value. A 100 percent value simulates a totally opaque ink, such as metallic. Type name. Click "OK. "


Answer by  shivanand (36)

From the toolbar select the color filler tool. Select the active layer and click the color you want to match automatically the fore color will change in the toolbox palette


Answer by  depika3 (156)

This software of photoshop is very helpfull and operating very simple and particular image are dark this suituation change the color and bright option.

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