Question by  NarayanaMurthy (197)

How do you make rabbit cages?


Answer by  snceflyf (448)

I built my bunny cage out of wood and wire fencing. I made 6 "framed" fence pieces with 4 of them being the same rectangular size and 2 of them being square for the ends. I put them together creating a box and then added legs to it. The feces falls through the fencing, but still holds bunny's bedding secure.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

You can make them out of wood or metal but you can also use a storage tote and just cut some air holes in the lid for a cheap tank.


Answer by  LizOwens (46)

A rabbit cage would be around three by four foot. Floor is made of wood. Properly covered if winter months are on the way. Draft can cause pneumonia.


Answer by  kalimer0 (35)

You make rabbit cages out of materials that you can buy at DIY (do it yourself) shops. Mostly the cages you make are out of aluminium. You could also make some components out of paper.


Answer by  slv89 (14)

An easier way to make a rabbit cage is to buy a wooden bookshelf or wooden shelving frame and attach wire to it.

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