Question by  rottensweetness (17)

How do you know what size Havahart trap to get if you're not sure what exactly it is you're trying to catch?

There's an animal of some kind in my attic.


Answer by  lynn (821)

you could possibly look for droppings to give you some indication of the size of the animal or you could get more than one size trap to put out


Answer by  wms10 (93)

Inspect your attic for droppings and listen to the sounds the animal makes and when. Night time scurrying is caused, most likely, by rats or mice. Daytime scurrying, however, is most likely caused by squirrels. If you hear thumping/walking sounds at night, it is probably a raccoon. Rustling and cooing in the daytime is caused by birds.


Answer by  Iris (60)

If you have no clue what size and type of animal it is, go for the largest trap. In that case, it's better to be too big than too small.


Answer by  br657 (167)

Before you try to trap the animal, you should get a positive ID as to what it is you are trying to catch. Otherwise, you might be wasting your money.

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