Question by  apple (447)

How do you know if you have an oven-safe meat thermometer or an instant read meat thermometer?

I threw out the packaging before checking this, and all online sellers don't specify this.


Answer by  imToyin (40)

If you're really unsure try looking on the packaging of others at the store where you bought it. Also look on the manufacturer's website and even email/call them. Otherwise, just look at the style and material: is it stainless steel with glass, maybe silicone? If so, it's probably OK in the oven. If you try, check it often til sure.


Answer by  kbbaybee16 (350)

well typically they should all be oven safe you never specified what it looked like. if it resembles the ones you pull out of prepackaged turkeys they are fine


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Oven-safe thermometers are usually made of metal and glass. Instant-read thermometers often have digital displays as part of the main component and are mostly made of plastic and metal.


Answer by  Kriket (1029)

Most thermometers are instant read. If the thermometer has a cable to attach the unit to the outside of the oven it is oven safe.


Answer by  2525252 (717)

Well an instant read thermometer will be the same as an oven safe meat thermometer. Their both the same things.


Answer by  KathyB (276)

A meat thermometer has a larger dial and shows "beef, pork, poultry" by name and safe temps for them. An insta-read has a small dial with only temperatures and no meats.


Answer by  kat1094 (31)

If the lens over the dial is plastic it is likly not oven-safe its an instant read type. I melted one in the oven once!

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