Question by  poopdedupe (3)

How do you kick a non-working, lazy family member out of your house?

She got kicked out of her house because she was having an affair with a married man, and he doesn't want her. Now she claims she is mentally unstable.


Answer by  John (9008)

You need to calmly and politely set firm guidelines and timeframes. Avoid name-calling (including "lazy"). Explain that she must contribute. If she claims that she cannot due to mental problems, then insist that she get help within a specific, but reasonable, time frame. Make it clear that if she does not meet these goals, she will have to leave.


Answer by  foawrestling (17)

Tell her she is no longer welcome and she has until the end of the week to vacate the premises. If she doesn't leave on her own by the designated date, call the police.


Answer by  Rui69 (36)

When that lazy family member gets home I just tell him to go pack his or her stuff and go away. If he or she doesn't understand the motive I'll simply him or her to grow up and stop depending on other people to get his or hers things done.


Answer by  robb (5)

Be honest and explain why she can no longer live with you. Be prepared ahead of time with various options for her that can help her and her mental instability.

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