Question by  firozbabu (21)

What can you tell me about finding a dead family member who has been reincarnated?

I would like to find a dead family member who has been reincarnated.


Answer by  downtimepg (29)

Sometimes the dead can be summoned, usually by a meditative group. The chances are better if there is some current tragedy that you need help from the deceased with.


Answer by  Anonymous

I can tell you you're in denial, and that you need to accept that they're gone. Although there are PLENTY of people who will help you spend ALL your money on magical mystical methods of quackery. All they'll "raise" is the balance of THEIR bank account. Find a REAL counselor!


Answer by  lynn (821)

how do you know they have been reincarnated? and what if this person doesn't realize they have been reincarnated? I think this is best left alone. or what if they came back as an animal? i say leave it alone.


Answer by  DevoutCatalyst (441)

First off, like all religious beliefs, reincarnation is simply one of your religions myths. When you die you do not go to heaven, nor do you transcend to another state of physical being. I'm afraid the person who died is gone, you should accept that.

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