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Question by  emon (27)

How do you keep going when your husband commits suicide?

Sometimes I just want to quit.


Answer by  Briana (172)

If you're not already, talk with a counselor or therapist to help you get through this. Another idea is to join a support group with people having the same situation, either online or in your community. Having support from other people can make a big difference in how we deal with things.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

I would try and speak with a psychologist, and/or join a support group. I would surround yourself with friends and family who are supportive, and speak to them about your feelings.


Answer by  tru (144)

Do things one day at a time. Surround yourself with friends and family while trying to focus on the positives. Time for yourself and find some happiness again. Deserving of.


Answer by  SylviaStickles (182)

Remember that your husband's suicide was nothing you had any control over. He may have been suffering from a mental illness. Remember the positive memories you have of him, and don't forget that in loving him, you did provide him with happiness during his life. It takes time to accept the loss of a loved one.


Answer by  MCheryll (105)

Understand it was HIS choice. He didn't know how to cope with his problems, and this is not your fault. Talk about how you feel, seek professional help if necessary.

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