Question by  Kate48 (55)

Can the military legally give my husband a new general poa why he is in Iraq?

My husband is stationed in Iraq and has been given a POA is that legal?


Answer by  patti (29325)

The military doesn't give anybody a power of attorney. Your husband can give you or anyone he chooses his power of attorney. You can give your POA to anyone you choose. It sounds like someone is confused. Further, rest assured that whatever the military has instructed your husband is "legal."


Answer by  patti (29325)

Your husband can be granted a Power of Attorney from anyone who wishes to assign it to him, regardless of his location or military status. Your husband can also assign his POA to another individual.


Answer by  KLentz (13)

If the POA was initiated and signed by your husband, then yes, it is a valid POA. However, if the POA was generated and issued without him signing it, then it is not a valid POA. Only way he could issue a POA would be to give a specific POA to another individual to give you the General POA.


Answer by  Thejones (227)

Yes, he simply needs to go and visit his nearest personnel service center. If he is unable to visit one because he is stationed at a base with few services he can work something out to possibly have a rep come to him. His best option though is to get to one of the larget bases to do it.


Answer by  gregorymandile (21)

Is this power of attorney in regards to giving you rights in his name? If so, then it is legal as long as the military member who gave it to him is a certified notary.

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