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Question by  Cakes (19)

How do you install Durango wheel bearings?


Answer by  leize (222)

Jack the vehicle up. Holding break pedals, loosen Axle Shaft Nut, remove brake caliper and brake rotor, unplug ABS sensor, unbolt hub flange and pull the hub. Reverse to install.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

You take it to the garage because being a four wheel drive they have different hubs and they have to be taken apart in a certaing order and put back together the same way and if you get something wrong it will cost you a tone of money to fix it.


Answer by  dcameron1021 (104)

The Dodge Durango is equipped with a hub/ bearing assembly. Replacement requires removal of the break caliper and break rotor. The 4 Wheel Drive models will also require removal of the half shaft nut. There are 3 bolts that must be removed in order to free up the hub assembly.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Basically you pull the wheel off then remove the caliper. Next remove the rotor assembly and the bearing dust cap. Remove the spindle nut then finally the bearing.


Answer by  frank52 (151)

To install Durango wheel bearings you have to do the following. First you remove the tire. Second remove the brake pads. Open the rotor and replace bearings.


Answer by  mayi (212)

This is rather an easy process but you must know a little about wheel bearings and it takes a while to take apart all of the trucks installations to make this one valid.

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