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Question by  MegF (21)

How do you install an outboard water pump?

I need to install an outboard water pump.


Answer by  daceywatts (73)

First, choose the correct size outboard for boat or watercraft. Slip the outboard into clamp bolts that attach to the boat. Then, tighten the clamps by hand. Make sure that the bolts are flexible enough to pivoting purposes.


Answer by  carguy (46)

Outboard water pumps are located on the drive shaft in the lower unit. Remove the lower unit with the engine off and in forward gear. The water pump housing is on the drive shaft. Remove the housing and impeller, install a new impeller and replace the housing and lower unit.


Answer by  turkworker (1007)

After purchasing the replacement water pump, remove the engine compartment housing. Disconnect the visible electrical connections and remove the pump housing. Then, replace the impeller and lubricate the gaskets with engine oil and turn on drive shaft while installing the pump. Finally, connect all the electrical parts back together.


Answer by  worker2148 (144)

Remove the engine compartment housing. Disconnect electrical connections. Remove the pump housing. Replace impeller. Lubricate gaskets with engine oil and turn drive shaft while installing pump. Rebolt in reverse order.

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