Question by  candice (17)

Could incontinence in a female dog be a sign of a bladder infection.

My female dog has incontinence could she have a bladder infection.


Answer by  MommyPW (164)

It is higly likely that your female dog with incontinence could have a bladder infection. It's one of the main signs that they show. I would call your vet and have the simple tests ran to know for sure. Other signs include being not as active as well as the urine being smelly!!


Answer by  hulmer (1067)

It could be, and depending on her age could just be a sign of a bladder control problem. The only way to know for sure is to call your vet's office and get her in. They can likely determine the problem by using professional experience to narrow down options. Incontinence can often be treated with daily medication.


Answer by  Lettie (95)

Yes she absolutely could have a bladder infection. It is extremely important that you take her to the vet so they can prescribe you antibiotics. If a bladder infection moves to the kidneys it can cause permanent damage.


Answer by  angie2 (24)

Certain breeds or prone to incontinence. Weak bladder muscle tone, age, hormone levels, birth defects and infections could cause incontinence as well. However, incontinence could be a sign of something more serious such as a brain or spinal cord disease. It is best to bring your pooch to a vet for an exam.


Answer by  woofwoof (59)

It could be, she may not want to go because it might be painful if she has an infection. I would get the dog to the vet.


Answer by  tickledpinktwyce (16)

But I think there are many causes of incontinence in dogs. It is possible that the cause is a bladder infection. A visit to the vet would be best and required to diagnose even a bladder infection.

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