Question by  TacoRosado (38)

How do you go about sewing canvas?

I want to make some canvas tote bags.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Sewing canvas requires a machine that can handle the weight and thickness of the canvas. You will be sewing through four and six layers at a time when you attach handles, zippers, pockets, etc. Visit a reputable sewing machine store for recommendations regarding the best machine for the job. You might consider working with cotton duck instead.


Answer by  mbhef (89)

First, pre-wash the canvas. Canvas is thick, so a heavy weight sharp or a denim needle will need to be used. Canvas also unravels, so the edges of the fabric need to be serged or finished with bias tape. Sew with a regular presser foot, adjusting tension as needed.


Answer by  artgirl (367)

Canvas is treated like most cotton or linen based textiles. Make sure you get canvas with a tight weave so it's less likely to shred when you work with it. Canvas comes on larger lengths than most bolted fabric, so be sure to double check your measurements so you don't overbuy.


Answer by  labgirl (333)

To sew canvas, you want to use a sewing machine capable of handing thicker or stiffer fabrics, preferably with a flexible foot. Choose strong thread. You also want to select the right type of needle for your machine and fabric thickness and change it as needed during the project.


Answer by  Paige25 (82)

To sew canvas you need a thick thread and a solid needle. To make canvas bags you just need to cut a rectangle of fabric, fold it in half and sew the exposed edge, then cut a strip of the fabric and attach it to the bag. A bottom piece can also be added if you want.

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