Question by  Atphoto (24)

How can I stop the sewer smell from pipe under sink?

It smells like sewer gas in the plumbing.


Answer by  GilFinn (2065)

It probably is sewer gas. The p-trap (the U shaped bend) is meant to trap water and prevent the gas from coming through the pipe. Over time, soap scum and hair builds up in the trap, causing the water to wick out. Remove it, clean it and run some water into it and you should be fine.


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

Well that is really tricky you might want to just adjust the pipe maybe the smell is coming from there. But if it is coming down from the sink then maybe there are things clogged in there that make it smell. So why don't you try using drano to deal with this.


Answer by  Jo46 (394)

If it's an average sewage smell, it could be caused by a particularly nasty blockage or partial blockage. Get some Liquid Lightning or Drain-O and flush it out!


Answer by  Brad50 (128)

If you have a garbage disposal it may be the problem. Try a product like drano to clear out any old food stuck in the trap. If this does not work you might want to consider replacing the plumbing under the sink entirely. To do this you may want to contact a plumber.


Answer by  Subramanianr (109)

If your house is an independent building provide a small pit of 12" square with a depth of 12inches, outside of your house. Pit must connect the sink pipe and main sewage. the pit must be have a lid with holes through which the gas from main sewage will go out. you will not get the smell from the sink

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