Question by  newuser (49)

Are tile spacers really necessary?

I'm laying a tile floor.


Answer by  tileexpert (11)

Yes, tile spacers are absolutely necessary --- otherwise your tiles will be at a slant, and the result will look terrible. You can pick up a big bag of tile spacers for a few dollars, and it's money well spent. Do yourself a favour, and spend the few extra bucks.


Answer by  AnnaTeague (806)

Tile spacers are not absolutely necessary, but they are very helpful, especially to the occasional DIY-er. The larger the tile, the larger the grout joint should be. As inexpensive as tile spacers are, they should be used between every line of tiles to insure even grout lines. Any uneven grout lines will last virtually forever.


Answer by  pokie (132)

tile spacers are ment to make an even spacing of the tiles while laying tiles. they are not necessary but i recomend you use them unless you are very familure with laying tile or a professional as it would not look good if you do not have an even tile pacement throught the project.

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