Question by  LucindaSue1 (51)

How do you go about making web pages printable?


Answer by  wufenya (15)

Save the web pages in html format and then open up the html file in Microsoft Word. Then you can print the page by select File -> print. Or you can take a screenshot of the page and print in paint.


Answer by  John427 (25)

Make a print CSS file (loaded as 'media="print"' in HTML code) to specify print-specific styles. This includes removing unnecessary images, adjusting the width, removing navigation menus, and adjusting the text colors to show up on white paper.


Answer by  AlenKeri (4)

I make web page printable with my firefox web browser, i open page which i want to print and press combination of buttnons ctrl+p and i have window with option to print web page.


Answer by  turkey98 (232)

Many sites have a button to show a printer friendly version of the page. If not, you can use a site like Print What You like. Alternatively, you can highlight all the text you want to print on the page and choose Selection from the print options.

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