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Question by  Jacob22 (4)

How do you go about evicting a roommate?

My roommate hasn't paid her share of the rent in 3 months.


Answer by  pattoh (12)

Follow legal procedures of your land. For example my country requires that a 30 day notice be issued to the defaulter. Upon expiry of this period; you are legally allowed to kick him / her out of the room. Other alternatives involves taking this case to the rent tribunal in your land; will order him to pay the outstanding rent.


Answer by  mikehollon (26)

It all depend on the state you live in. If they are on the lease there is not much you can do, except tell them to leave and maybe call the sheriffs department to have them removed.


Answer by  MyraB (25)

I would start by talking to her about it, then giving her until a certain date to pay up or she has to move out before month's end.

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