Question by  tormentink (14)

How do you remove an eviction from your record or credit report?

When I was younger and less responsible I was evicted from an apartment, I need to have it removed and would like to know how.


Answer by  Anonymous

Contrary to what others say, you can have evictions removed from your credit report and your rental history record. #1: Pull both records (credit and rental history $15. #2 IF any evictions show up on your records, contact an attorney to remove them for you.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

It will age off your record after seven years, unless the unpaid debt went into default. In this case, the debt will disappear 7 years after last action.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

Evictions actually aren't on your credit report, but if the money due was sent to a collection agency that will be on your report for seven years. The only way for corrent information to leave your report is time. Don't believe "credit cleaning" scams.

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Wrong. Evictions show up on your credit report.  add a comment
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You have no idea what you are talking about. Usually people that comment should leave helpful, insightful info not and neither does the guy below this comment. Legit debts can be removed if not reported correctly. No it alls that dont know $#@% bother me  add a comment

Answer by  John (9008)

If the eviction actually happened, you cannot remove it. Anyone who promises to remove anything from your credit report that actually happened is lying; it cannot be done. That being said, it will actually disappear on its own, most likely after seven years, but for sure after ten. It is possible that it is not there now.

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You should probably read up on the Fair credit report act, as YOU CAN have items removed! I have been in the mortgage industry for 25 years and have seen it done.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

Furthermore, to find out how this is done (removal), go here: http://www. removeevictions. com/EvictionsCANBeRemoved. html

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how an eviction can be remove when is on your background and placed on the darn court house. They don't care if you lost your job, had no family to help you or had no money. Who the heck wants an eviction on their record?  add a comment

Answer by  rocio2be (0)

I am not sure if you can remove eviction the darn landlord file it with court house and they are more then happy to hurt you. They do not care about your situation, lost job, or no family who cares you get judge like everybody.


Answer by  Anonymous

Who has time to wait seven years, if you're trying to get an apartment now? How does this help anyone? Nothing is as cut and dry as some of posters make it out to be. There must be a way.

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