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Question by  rano123 (109)

How do you get stronger?

What are all the best tips, weight training programs, protein powders, etc.


Answer by  phil94 (202)

You can get stronger by lifting weights. Also, you have to have a good diet because in order to get stronger you can't have much fat on your body. If you drink protein drinks along with your workouts that will also help you build muscle. Never revert to steroids or drugs to make you stronger.


Answer by  belle39 (966)

You don't have to pay expensive prices for a gym club membership or a special training program. You can get stronger by taking various vitamins, exercising daily, and eating a balanced amount of proteins, fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates daily.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

To get stronger, start with vitamins, especially vitamin D. vitamin D promotes healthy strong bones, you can get it in milk, protein powders.


Answer by  Kattie (598)

You should consult your doctor before beginning. After you're cleared start off with a daily vitamin supplement, 30 minutes daily exercise, and 1 hour strength training three times a week.


Answer by  AL25 (42)

To get stronger one must lift weights and have a balanced diet. If extreme strength is wanted, then protein powders will be needed.


Answer by  trixiek (41)

The best way to get stronger is through weight training. Start with a weight that you can lift, but not too comfortably. By the eighth rep it should be difficult.

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