Question by  Helper20 (10)

How do you get rid of kitchen sink disposal smell?

I have an odd smell from my kitchen sink disposal.


Answer by  toomanychefs (46)

When you don't use your disposal often enough or aren't running water through the disposal when you do use it there can be food particles left. When these start to rot and mold you will start smelling rotten food. If the food smells more like the sewer you should make sure your disposal is connected properly.


Answer by  Anonymous

I have done the lemon and lime peels but I found a product in Target that works very well. It's called Disposer Care (lemon scent). You turn on a stream of hot water, turn on your disposal and drop a bio-degradeable sachet in the disposer. That's it...


Answer by  buggy418 (632)

Get some fresh lemon or lemon peels and put them down the disposal. If this doesn't help, you can get disposal cleaner at the grocery store.


Answer by  LRover (32)

Try putting about 1/4 cup of baking soda down the disposal. Let stand for a while before running any water. Pouring 1/2 cup of vinegar down the disposal may also help. Grinding up ice cubes in the disposal will help get rid of stuck food particles that might be creating the smell.


Answer by  sherry (211)

the way you can keep the smell down is while you are putting garbage disposal keep your water running and keep your water on for about 30 second are so after you finsh this will keep the smell down and also clean the black cover and get the food off of it and that will keep smell down


Answer by  elaine (450)

Well, it is garbage down there. You save all your fresh lemons and limes and put the cut halves down when you are grinding garbage. If it's really terrible and you can't wait for this to work, put a cup of Arm&Hammer down, followed by a cup cheap white vinegar. It will make a satisfying chemical reaction.

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