Question by  Mike22 (40)

How do you flip pictures in MS Paint?

I want to draw designs and then flip them.


Answer by  mintchocochic (36)

First, draw your design. Look up at the top of the screen, at the toolbar. Then go to Image, and then go down to flip/rotate. You can also press Ctrl+R to get there. Then you have the option of flipping it either horizontal or vertical. Then press ok and your picture will be flipped!


Answer by  TrixieRose (174)

To flip pictures in MS Paint (ver 6.1), use the "Rotate" tool, next to the eraser. You can flip horizontally or vertically, and if you only want a section flipped (for making patterns) you can take a selection and flip just that section without affecting the rest of your image, then drag it to where you want it.

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