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Question by  cindy (1484)

How do you do the flip style for hair?

I would like to have the flip hair style.


Answer by  gutierstudio (16)

To create the "flip style", use a round brush that will grip your hair - preferably a boar bristle brush. When blow drying, wrap ends of the hair around the brush and apply heat from the dryer. Remove the dryer, but do not let go of the brush. Give it a few seconds to cool and then release.


Answer by  hairgoddess (21)

You'll need to scrunch the ends and mid-shaft of your hair with mousse or styling gel. Wait a few minutes for it to dry so it becomes sticky. Comb or brush. With a hot curling iron, begin curling the ends of your hair up to hairshaft. Finish with hairspray.


Answer by  bajestar (605)

Start by parting your hair from ear to ear starting at the back of you neck. Then take you flat iron or curler and curl upwards instead of under.

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