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Question by  Theo (48)

How do you fix a Playstation 2 disc that does not spin?


Answer by  wolfy42 (28)

The disc might be damaged or dirty. First try using another disc to make sure it is not the PS2 and then clean the disc and try again.


Answer by  catboxxy (182)

If it is just one disc, clean it if possible. If it is all discs, replace the motor or take it in for formal repairs.


Answer by  TheH4t3 (22)

Most of the times there is a a problem with your dvd reader. you might want to clean out your ps2 because of the dust that comes inside it it will not function 100%. If that does not work try to put your psII all togheter again. good luck.


Answer by  Milette (1105)

Unplug Playstation, unscrew corner bottom screws. Take top off and locate a bronze bar. See if it's on track. If not, move it slightly until it makes a small click.


Answer by  fayevancarl (5)

open and close repeatedly until it plays, if not turn it on and off. or change to a disc that plays then remove and replace.

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