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Question by  holly2 (23)

How do you fix a play station three that has disc eject problems?

My play station three is having issues with disc ejection.


Answer by  Will47 (21)

Place your thumb on the front of the PS3 just below the eject button. Press in and up then tap the eject button as usual. Good Luck!


Answer by  jhamtak (58)

You DO NOT want to fix your playstation 3 on your own. Tampering with the outer casing will void the warrenty on the playstation 3. Take your Playstation to the store you purchased it from and have them send it to the manufacture for maintainence.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

The only way to fix this problem properly is to send it back for repair. Make sure you have a warranty from wherever you bought it from. The disk ejection problem commonly happens caused because the console warps disks.


Answer by  rockdisc (209)

If it has trouble ejecting discs then its trouble a mechanical problem. You can't buy PlayStation 3 parts and replace them like you can with a normal desktop computer. Some machine problems cant be fix with simple menu selections. There are plenty of downloadable games you can buy off the Playstation network that only uses your hard drive.


Answer by  drkgeek (14)

Turn off the unit, hold down the eject button and turn it back on. If that doesn't work, you may have to manually remove it via the bottom.


Answer by  i3lued81 (31)

To fix a PS3 is to power off the system. By then the disc should be able to come out, but if that doesn't work off to the game store and pray they could fix it for you and it won't cost that much as well.


Answer by  hhgg (9)

Don't worry, this is a common problem. Make sure that there is no obstruction to the disc tray and press eject.


Answer by  smushyparker30 (25)

If the PlayStation 3 is still under warranty, first thing to do is trade it in for a new one. Otherwise have someone manually fix it professionally.


Answer by  mike61 (45)

First, I blow the drive of play station 3. If it's not working I go to the shop that sold me the console and asked to exchange it.

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