Question by  VipulAgrawal (46)

How do you find the model number for a HP Photosmart digital camera?


Answer by  dvdpro (96)

Model #s are generally easy to find on any product. They are generally hidden from immediate view, but rarely difficult to find. Check the bottom, and inside any compartments.


Answer by  bigmanbambam (43)

There are two spots to locate the model number. First under the camera next to a bar code. The second is located on the original box that comes with the camera.


Answer by  oldrtyfrog (6)

The model numbers are found on the top of the camera, the front of the camera, or on the front of the camera, under the lens. Most model numbers start with a letter(ex. r717).


Answer by  lule (166)

You should look for a sticker that has some letter and numbers on it. If there is a word „model number'on that sticker, than this is what you are looking for. If you cannot find this sticker, you should contact the person who sold you the camera or HP support center.

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