Question by  Cinderella (15)

How do you file for unemployment in Florida?

How long do I have before I do it?


Answer by  hightide (131)

File for unemployment at the Florida Department of Labor (or on their website) right after you get the pink slip (sacked). The longer you wait, the harder the process as they will ask to you to prove that you have been looking for work. The first umemployment check usually doesn't arrive until at least a fortnight after you apply.


Answer by  Tracipoo (1329)

you go down to the unemployment office and file a claim. you can also do it online. i think you can do it as soon as you are unemployed as long as you didnt quit your job. it takes about 2-3 weeks to get your first unemployment check. go online and see if you can apply.


Answer by  LindyLue (5)

You can file an unemployment claim the day after you become unemployed - however, there is a waiting period before your claim is approved. Go to to file online or for more info on the filing process.

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