Question by  Rebecca13 (6)

How do you feed baby birds that have been separated form their mother?


Answer by  stellargamebirds (121)

Before feeding baby birds, make sure you contact a wildlife refuge nearby. They will assist you further. If you can't get ahold of anyone, there is baby bird formula at petstores. Kaytee is a good brand. There are directions on the formula. Also make sure you get a syringe to feed the baby with and to keep it under heat.


Answer by  turkworker (1007)

Baby birds need to be fed every 20-45 minutes. You should feed them a mixture of hard boiled egg and wet dog food.


Answer by  jalucia (936)

It has to be fed every thirty minutes from sunrise to sunset. At first, give them 4 teaspoons of water mixed with 1 teaspoon of sugar from a medicine dropper, with no air bubbles, for energy. Then, powdered corn meal or oatmeal, high protein dry baby food and wheat germ.


Answer by  KLR (606)

There are baby bird feed products on the market. They are mixed with water and depending on the bird's age and size, can be feed with a syringe or spoon.


Answer by  SallyJ (1010)

Baby birds that are apparently abandoned in the wild should be left alone because the mother may come back. If you are already caring for the baby bird, you must keep it warm (using a brooder with a heat lamp) and may need to hand-feed it for a while. Food should be room temperature.


Answer by  Jonathan44 (17)

Baby birds should be fed every 20-30 minutes during daylight hours. Baby food works very well and should be fed to them on a flat, blunt object.

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