Question by  zair (17)

How do you deal with mental and verbal abuse?

My sister is a victim of both.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

No one should deal with mental and verbal abuse. Get her out of that house and the relationship. Then get her counseling so that she does not tolerate mental and verbal abuse. She needs counseling (not self-esteem training) to find out why she lets others treat her like this so that she will not allow it.


Answer by  Doris59 (1647)

No one should have to deal with mental or verbal abuse. It seems that people who are in these relationships feel they cannot leave, they are not empowered. They need a good plan which involves a network of people to support them and help them to take that step and get away from the abuser.


Answer by  John (9008)

You must do two things. The first is to get away from the abuser. The second is to get help; counselling is essential to avoid future abusive relationships.


Answer by  Cheyelashes (40)

First off you need to really believe that you are worth more than anybody gives you credit for. When you have done this.... Then start saving every bit of money you can, pack a suit case and the next time it starts up. get the heck out of and never look back.

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