Question by  beaula (22)

What do verbal assault charges entail?

My boyfriend was arrested for verbal assault and I don't understand what that means.


Answer by  Dan48 (22)

Verbal assault is an assault that did not escalate to physical violence. It usually involves threatening physical violence on someone, although sometimes yelling or aggressively using words to offend or attack someone can constitute verbal assault. The threats must be something the assailant is capable of carrying out, and which cause fear of imminent danger to the victim.


Answer by  pupsichick (52)

Verbal assault is when someone abuses another with their language, and threats of violence. It is the same as any other assault when a person becomes unreasonably offensive and harmful, even if its not physical. The threat of harm is still evident even though the violator has not physically followed through.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

Verbal assault means that an individual made threats or threatening remarks to another individual. All assault means is acting or speaking in a manner that threatens another individual.


Answer by  Elizabeth73 (292)

When an individual is charged with yelling, screaming, cursing or even talking in a quiet voice but saying anything which could be considered threatening this can be a verbal assault. No physical provocation is required making verbal assault a very easy crime to charge someone with.


Answer by  MWR (23)

It means he said something to someone that made them feel threatened. This could be a lot of different things, and depending on who the charges are from could be as little as a swear word.


Answer by  jargon (112)

Basically, if your boyfriend told somebody he was going to do something to him, and that person believed your boyfriend would or could do it, based on past history or some form of gesture, then intent has been shown and the other person has become a perceived victim.


Answer by  Ron27 (465)

Verbal assault means creating a reasonable apprehension of an intentional harmful or offensive touching verbally. In other words, speaking in a way that would make others fearful of their safety.


Answer by  keiki (1376)

Verbal assault means that someone threatened bodily harm aimed at another person and that person had reason to fear for their safety. Charges can be misdemeanor or felony.

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