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Question by  anand13 (11)

How do you cut stucco?

I need to cut my stucco wall.


Answer by  jodjod (7)

I find the best way is to tape off the line you are going to cut, to prevent splintering or cracking, and cut it with a circular saw. Cut it slowly to prevent damage.


Answer by  Lillian (87)

Use a diamond masonry blade with a small circular saw or a carbide compound blade with a sawsall. Drill a pilot hole to help insert the blade. A third recommedation is a 4. 5 inch high speed side wheel grinder with a diamond blade. Using tape along the edge of the cut will also reduce chipping.


Answer by  brandy (52)

First, you need a 7 1/4in. masonary blade for a circular saw. Then use a chalkline to mark the cutting area. Then cut slowly to prevent chipping.


Answer by  coronato (65)

You need to acquire an electric cutoff tool with a diamond blade for a small job or a demo saw with a diamond blade for a larger job.


Answer by  marquita (16)

Is it exterior stucco or interior stucco? Exterior stucco is usually made out of masonry and you would need a masonry blade to cut through it. Choose any type of diamond masonry blade for that type of job. If you are talking about interior stucco, a draywall blade will work.

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