Question by  BornonBeltaine (19)

What cuts do you use with a compound miter saw to cut a handrail?

I am attempting to cut new handrails form my deck and do not know what setting to put it on.


Answer by  jeyR (264)

Calculate the angles and the pitch you need for your handrail. Split each angle in two and after this change the setting on the compound miter saw to match these angles. Practice on some scrap to see it works and then get down to doing the real thing!


Answer by  rjeyanth (194)

You will need 45 degrees cuts at the end of the rails - for the short return to the wall. Then cut 16-degree angles on the rail and short horizontal sections. Trim to get a tight fit. Then cut the short rail to length with a 45 degree miter.

Reply by light (200):
You can change the angles based on your exact requirement. Pretty easy stuff though.  add a comment

Answer by  ianto39 (0)

I'm guessing 16 degrees is a rule of thumb for 7/11 steps, ie 32.5 degrees. If your stairs aren't 7/11 you'd use a calculator to find the slope ie inv tan (rise/run) then halve that.

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