Question by  Shane (36)

How do you cut out a sub floor next to a wall?

I need to cut out a sub floor next to my wall.


Answer by  Jim78 (76)

The best way to cut out sub floor next to wall is to use a skill saw. Adjust the angle to of the blade toward the wall. Work slow. A saw-saw is another option but is less skilled approach. If all else fails grab a hammer and a chisel.


Answer by  MrHardware (369)

Use a reciprocating saw with a carbide blade. Put a block of wood to rest the shoe of the saw on to keep from cutting too deep. Pry out after cutting.


Answer by  crazycampbells (56)

Cut as close as you can with a skil saw, then used a reciprocating saw. (the ones that use a straight blade) Then knock out whats left with a hammer.


Answer by  livingbroke (31)

Cut out your sub floor right up to the wall. You will then need to install a nailer board so your new flooring has a base.


Answer by  dumpnrun77 (276)

The best method for cutting out sub floors along walls is using a toe-kick saw or an undercut saw. If neither of these are available u could attempt sawzall

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