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Question by  SandyC (16)

What is a good wall paint color to go with cherry floors?

I need to repaint my kitchen and would like the color to coordinate with my current cherry floors.


Answer by  Workathomemom (146)

Typically earth tones go well with cherry wood, but they may be too dark for your taste. If you want a bright, more inviting room, go with a lighter color like cream. Lighter colors usually make a room look bigger too. Good options are light shades of yellow, green, and gold.


Answer by  unseen (150)

To match your cherry wood floors a nice light yellow or tan color would be very nice, and it would blend well. That would also leave a big margin to match other colored decor. If you are looking for a subtle look a nice copper makes a beutiful contrast on walls.


Answer by  freebird (225)

Cherry floors are so rich in color, you should paint the walls a neutral beige so that the wall color won't overpower the floor.


Answer by  john7788 (225)

I would recommend using different shades of brown, possibly even orange ONLY because it's a kitchen. Gray goes nice with cherry for a living room, but not a kitchen.


Answer by  wj (646)

A rich, warm cream would work well - it wouldn't be overpowering, as cherry is already a strong colour. Cherry and cream would also work equally well as a backdrop for either a '1950s retro' style or a 'country kitchen shabby-chic' style, depending on the accessories and appliances you choose.


Answer by  AlexW (407)

All kind of creams and whites with a hint of pink in them go well with cherry wood. Don't go for yellows, it will make the wood look dull.


Answer by  slickytfox (235)

A lighter color will seem to provide more light since the cherry is darker. I have always preferred tans and beiges with cherry but your cabinets and counter tops will help dictate your best choice. Natural light (windows) is also a factor to consider when choosing the depth of the color.

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