Question by  duskcheetah (15)

How do you convert Pantone colors?

Why do people use Pantone colors? It's a pain!


Answer by  ChicoVisualDesigner (6)

Pantone colors are standardized. Each color has a code. For example, red Coke used to be the same throughout the world to have an equality. With the software "Adobe Illustrator", you can see the code in your pantone color and see the equivalent in RGB (color display) or CMYK (color print).


Answer by  askmejen (39)

Pantone is a company that issues standardized colors that can easily be matched on any printing machine, so Pantone colors are generally used for documents that will be printed, such as brochures and posters. When websites are created, it is often necessary to convert a Pantone color (or any color format) to a Hexadecimal format.


Answer by  Burrocrates (61)

The best way to convert any individual color to another version of that same color, Pantone to RGB or Pantone to HEX is to use the internet. Alternatively one could use an image editing program and open the image in question that contains the Pantone colors. Once the file is open one can use the thermometer.

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