Question by  clp1001 (30)

How do you convert MPH to KPH?

I need the basic formula for converting for example, how many mph equals on kph?


Answer by  esteban (1334)

There are 1. 609344 kilometers in one mile. Therefore, if you know the speed in miles per hour, just multiply it by 1. 609344. This will give you a value that is probably more accurate than you need, so you will need to round. Here's an example: 25 miles per hour is 40. 2336 kilometers per hour because 25 X 1. 609344 = 40. 2336.


Answer by  Westy (105)

There are 1. 609344 miles in 1 kilometer. The conversion to go from MPH to KPH is the same as going from miles to kilometers because the time frame is the same (per hour). Knowing the miles to kilometers conversion, take the number of miles you are calculating for, and divide it by 1. 609344 miles per kilometer to get the answer.

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Not Divide--- But Multiply MPH by 1. 609344 kilometers. Works very well.  add a comment

Answer by  Clement (1453)

As 1 mph is equal to 1. 609344 kph you just need to multiply the number of miles per hour by 1. 609344 to obtain the number of kilometers per hour.


Answer by  squirrel1434 (63)

One mile is 1. 61 kilometers, so: distance in kilometers = distance in miles times 1. 61 and distance in miles = distance in kilometers divided by 1. 61 Hope that helps you!

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