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Question by  lukman (20)

How do I convert roof pitch measurements to degrees?

I'd like to convert the roof's slope to degrees, and vice versa. What is the formula to do this?


Answer by  rwill72 (154)

You can use the following formula: "Degrees=tan-1 (rise/run)". This should give you the answer that you are looking for.


Answer by  LuptonsavedbyJesusyahoocom (32)

Take the inverse tangent of the roof's slope to get the degree measurement the roof makes with a horizontal plane. Take the tangent of the angle that the roof makes with a horizontal plane to get the roof's slope. You have tan(roof's angle) = roof's slope and inversetan(roof's slope) = roof's angle).


Answer by  esteban (1334)

If A is the angle of the roof, then the formula is tan(A) = rise/run, and equivalently, Arctan(rise/run) = A. For example, with a pitch of 7/12, we have: Arctan(7/12) = 30.25 degrees. And for an angle of 45 degrees, we have: tan(45) = 1 = 12/12.

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